EDF launches projects to make heat pump switch easier

The two projects were awarded grant funding by BEIS under their Heat Pump Ready Programme

EDF has announced two new projects to support customers transitioning to heat pumps. 

Both projects are supported by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy under its Heat Pump Ready Programme.

The first project aims to allow households to share a ground source heat pump loop with their neighbours.

This could potentially reduce the cost of installing heat pumps.

The initial trial of the scheme, named “Neighbourhood Heat Pump”, will take place in the Teignmouth area in South Devon.

It is being delivered by a consortium led by EDF, including Kensa Utilities, Devon County Council, Enzen, Urbanomy, Sheffield University and UCL.

The second is the One-stop Heat Pump App, a platform created to help customers overcome any lack of technical knowledge of heat pumps.

The app aims to guide customers through the heat pump process.

Patrick Dupeyrat, EDF UK Research & Development Director, said: “This marks an exciting new chapter for heat pump deployment in the UK.

“These two innovative projects will accelerate the country’s road to net zero, while providing customers with vital support as they decarbonise their heating in a cost-efficient way.”