Knowledge sharing

Read the key insights and learnings coming from Heat Pump Ready.

The learnings from Heat Pump Ready are intended to help the sector overcome barriers to heat pump deployment to reach the Government’s target of 600,000 heat pumps installed per year by 2028.

This page will be updated with key learnings as the programme progresses.

It will include guidance notes, research reports, case studies, and reports summarising the findings from the projects supported through the programme.

Key lessons for deploying heat pumps at scale

In this blog, we explore four learnings from the Heat Pump Ready projects working on innovative methodologies to achieve high-density deployment within several communities:

  1. Raise awareness by leveraging early adopters and building supportive communities.
  2. Build a supply chain by fostering collaboration between installers.
  3. Engage with the Distribution Network Operators from the outset to understand and manage the impact on the grid.
  4. Embrace different finance models to overcome the upfront cost barrier.

Learn More

Heat Pump Ready Conference 2024

This PDF contains the slides shared and it includes presentations from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero on the policies and funding surrounding heat pumps, updates from 12 of the Optimised Solutions projects, and speakers from Ovo Energy, Kensa Group, Citizens Advice and Heat Pumps UK. The conference was an opportunity for representatives from Heat Pump Ready funded projects to celebrate successes and share learnings, consider how we make heat pumps the default choice for the early majority of consumers and promote collaboration to develop and scale the solutions. These slides may not be replicated without the author’s express permission.

Heat Pump Ready Conference 2023

This pdf contains slides from the Heat Pump Ready Conference held on 2 March 2023 in Central London including presentations from a selection of projects, Octopus Energy, Nesta and Heacol. The conference brought together representatives from Heat Pump Ready funded projects to share learnings, identify further areas for collaboration and reflect on how their projects can help drive the changes needed to transform the market for heat pumps in the UK. These slides may not be replicated without the author’s express permission. 

The Heat Pump Ready programme is funded by the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero as part of the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP). Research, collaboration and knowledge sharing is managed by the Carbon Trust with support from IPSOS and Technopolis.