The Heat Pump Ready programme supports 36 projects across 2 streams: High-density deployment and Optimised solutions development.

Clean heat streets

  • Lead organisation: Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited
  • Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire
  • Location category: Urban
  • Heat Pump Ready grant value: £199,614
  • Project partners: BOXT Limited, GenGame Limited, Oxford University Centre for the Environment (OUCE), Oxford Brookes University, Oxfordshire County Council, SMS Energy Services Ltd
  • Project subcontractors: no subcontractors

Project Overview

Clean Heat Streets aims to connect local communities to local installers whilst removing frictions and costs from the current heat pump installation process. The project will work with county and city councils and with finance providers to make sure that a wide range of people within the local community are able to benefit from a heat pump.

By working with the local Distribution Network Operator, the project will identify any local network constraints and opportunities to use the flexible smart control of heat pumps to avoid the need for expensive grid upgrades and connection charges for customers. During the feasibility stage the project will develop innovative customer identification and engagement approaches, and novel strategies to reduce the cost for heat pump deployment.

If successful in phase 2, the team will work with energy suppliers, using smart metering and half-hourly settlement of the electricity used by heat pumps, to reduce suppliers’ costs and enable them to offer cheaper and a simple-to-understand tariff to customers.

By reducing the upfront and running costs, Clean Heat Streets aims to provide an answer to the common question: “why should I get a heat pump if getting a new gas boiler is easier and cheaper?”

This project was supported during phase 1 of Heat Pump Ready to prepare a feasibility study. The final report is published below: