The Heat Pump Ready programme supports 35 projects across 2 streams: High-density deployment and Optimised solutions development.

Clean heat streets

Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited

This project aims to connect local communities in Oxford to local installers whilst removing frictions and costs from the current heat pump installation process. The project will work with local councils and finance providers to ensure heat pump access across the local community. […]

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Bristol Heat Pump Ready

Bristol City Council

This project will utilise novel energy technology and retrofit packages using digital twin technology to appraise technical and commercial service models and ensure electric network capacity for a particular locality. The project aims to maximise local content by working closely with local communities and supply chains. […]

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The following projects were supported within Phase 1 to prepare feasibility studies, however they are not progressing under the Heat Pump Ready programme:

Greenwich thermal infrastructure motivating electrification (Greenwich TIME)

Element Energy Limited (UK)

This project aims to deploy networked heat pumps distributed on a shared ground array with a familiar finance offer to existing services, thereby decoupling the large capital costs of ground-source loops from customers and enabling consumers to replace their boiler with minimal household disruption. […]

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Heat Pump Ready – Bridgend

Buro Happold

The ‘Heat Pump Ready – Bridgend’ project is identifying viable deployment routes for clusters of homes to participate in heat pump installations, to help facilitate the switch to low carbon heating technologies such as air source, ground source and shared loop heat pumps. […]

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Heat Pump Ready Newcastle

E.ON Energy Solutions Limited

This project aims to target areas of Newcastle suitable for large scale heat pump roll out and identify areas where grid upgrades may be necessary. The project will develop a portfolio of consumer propositions including Heat as a Service (HaaS) to provide a variety of financial options that support heat pump adoption. […]

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Project Gaia

EDF Energy R&D

Project Gaia in Teignbridge is exploring the feasibility of heat pumps connected to an ambient shared loop array, reducing the upfront cost of ground source heat pumps whilst ensuring higher operating efficiencies and maintaining consumer familiarity by following a similar business model to the existing gas network. […]

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Power Circle Projects

The SAPPHIRE Solo project will explore the provision of smart energy systems in homes in Blairgowrie, Perth and Kinross that incorporate heat pump technology, battery, and solar PV. The project aims to understand the feasibility of aggregated installations for optimised management and generation of grid services revenues. […]

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The Heat Pump Ready programme is funded by the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero as part of the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP). Research, collaboration and knowledge sharing is managed by the Carbon Trust with support from IPSOS and Technopolis.