The Heat Pump Ready programme supports 35 projects across 2 streams: High-density deployment and Optimised solutions development.

Glow heat pump community

  • Lead organisation: Hildebrand Technology Ltd
  • Heat Pump Ready grant value: £665,910.00
  • Project partners: Build Test Solutions Ltd, NJV Limited, Richard Carmichael Research & Consulting Ltd, Davies and Mckerr Ltd, SE2 Limited

Project overview

The glow heat pump community project will improve the heat pump adoption customer journey, installer expertise, and outcomes by leveraging data from installations and enabling peer to peer learning and transparency. It will provide a data driven solution to reduce complexity and uncertainty for consumers and provide data, tools and resources for installer decision making and upskilling. Data and learning from every installation will be captured in structured Case Studies (including post installation assessment) to share insights in a structured, useful and engaging way. The goal is to create a feedback loop of peer to peer learning, among consumers and installers, that continuously improves advice and stakeholder confidence, based on practical real world experience.