The Heat Pump Ready programme supports 35 projects across 2 streams: High-density deployment and Optimised solutions development.

Guru smart heat pumps: developing tools for social housing landlords to enable heat pump installation at scale across the UK

  • Lead organisation: Guru Systems Ltd
  • Heat Pump Ready grant value: £445,943.00
  • Project partners: None

Project overview

The guru smart heat pumps project is focused on finding solutions for large landlords who manage buildings or sites that contain multiple homes, such as housing associations and local authorities, through providing a holistic solution that understands the context of the heating system prior to the installation of heat pumps. Through continuously monitoring and analysing ongoing performance, the objective is to ultimately provide operators the ability to remotely adjust the settings as required.

The overall outcomes of the guru smart heat pumps project will be reduced initial capex spend, and improved heat pump performance in operation, resulting in fewer maintenance callouts, lower carbon emissions, and, most importantly, more comfortable residents with reduced heating costs. This will be achieved by providing tools and monitoring equipment to allow landlords to actively manage their heating system.