The Heat Pump Ready programme supports 35 projects across 2 streams: High-density deployment and Optimised solutions development.

Two stage heat pump with greywater energy recovery

  • Lead organisation: Thermoelectric Conversion Systems Ltd
  • Heat Pump Ready grant value: £574,108.00
  • Project partners: None

Project overview

This project aims to overcome several major infrastructural challenges of heat pump adoption, by harnessing demand side management to cope with peak loads and time shifting energy use. By utilising otherwise wasted energy, this solution aims to give economic and reliable products for retrofit in existing homes and new build properties to dramatically improve energy efficiency of buildings and cut running costs. This will be achieved by:

  • Drawing energy from the household wastewater stream by re-using energy lost, e.g. from the shower or bath, by fitting the heat pump in the drainage system to recover energy stored in a hot water cylinder.
  • Using a small air source heat pump to ‘top up’ the hot water tank temperature to provide the domestic hot water supply.
  • Operating both heat pumps from a mains plug.
  • Using a smart controller to manage both heat pumps and integrate with demand side management systems to ensure sufficient hot water and heat are available.