The Heat Pump Ready programme supports 35 projects across 2 streams: High-density deployment and Optimised solutions development.

Advanced modelling for heat as a service

  • Lead organisation: City Science Corporation
  • Heat Pump Ready grant value: £498,692.32
  • Project partners: None

Project overview

This project aims to transform our current understanding of heat in the domestic setting and to provide a scalable approach to heat pump financing and deployment throughout the UK. This will be achieved via the prototyping, deployment, and testing of a Heat as a Service (HaaS) modeling solution, which will provide decarbonisation pathways and financing models.

The solution features a modular design, interacting to provide a full HaaS offering. Sub sets of these modules will also provide highly valuable use cases, for example by enabling key insights into which buildings heat pumps can provide a viable and attractive heating solution.

Through the facilitation of a complete and accurate financing package, this project hopes to enable increased financing for combined heat pump and retrofit solutions, thus accelerating heat pump deployment at the lowest cost to the consumer.