The Heat Pump Ready programme supports 35 projects across 2 streams: High-density deployment and Optimised solutions development.

Digitising the Customer Journey of Heat Pumps in Social Housing

  • Lead organisation: Switchee Ltd
  • Heat Pump Ready grant value: £468,656.00
  • Project partners: Leeds Beckett University, Daikin Airconditioning UK

Project overview

This project aims to produce smart heat pump tools specifically aimed at improving the consumer journey for residents in social housing. This is achieved by providing tools and research to overcome the current scaling barriers relating to heat pump acceptance: lack of awareness and consumer behaviour.

This will be delivered by:

  • Allowing remote reading of error warning messages from the heat pump to alert the housing association.
  • Using heat pump specific metrics including live and historic data. Heat pump specific algorithms will be developed to alert on detected heat pump performance issues i.e. excessive energy consumption.
  • Offering tailored heat pump advice focused on resident experience.
  • Empower the housing association to trigger when a new resident has moved into the property so that heat pump advice and educational material can be made available to them.